Zen in Saigon

What is your first impression of Saigon? Extremely hot, crowded, and traffic-flooded? Let’s set aside all the hustle and bustle of the city life, and join me on the “Zen” experience in Saigon.

Zen Alley

Right in the center of busy Saigon lies a “zen” alley, where all daily life burdens are swept away, leaving only peace remain in the soul.  The name “Zen” comes from the emergence of 6 temples situated next to each other. Many have come to this alley to clear their minds after a long day at work to relieve stress and get into calmness before going home while some visit the temples to light incense to pray for happiness.

Tea culture

After calming your mind, I will introduce you to a traditional teashop to learn how Vietnamese enjoy the tea ceremony step-by-step from a female teacher dressed in our traditional Ao Dai. Here you will not only learn how to set up a tea ceremony by yourself but what you will learn beyond is the culture of Vietnamese tea tasting. You will also have the chance to taste the tea you make at the end and receive a small certificate from the teacher.

Vegetarian restaurant

After tea, we will come to a well-known vegetarian restaurant for lunch. Forget the outdated notion that vegetarians only consume veggies and tofus, vegetarian food can actually taste quite tasty like non-vegetarian one. In fact, a few people did become long-term vegetarians after trying these specialties. Let’s sit back and enjoy.

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