The Hidden Saigon – Secret of the hustle and bustle city

Discover the hidden mystique Saigon with young Sai Gon Lovers. Leaving behind the glamorous and modern Saigon, another rich-cultured area of Saigon awaits to tell you its transcendental stories. In the nearby wholesale markets, local vendors are ready to feast you with amazing tasty street food and window-shopping at one of the most well-known clothing market in Saigon.

Real life you don’t get to see in district 1, 2 or 7

Driving through truly Viet-area of Saigon but district 1, 2 or 7. Motor-biking district 8 and Phu Nhuan district reveal real life, business and custom of lower-middle class and young middle class.

Mieu Noi Phu Chau – Sailor’s safety temple.

Along with us, you’ll know to Saigon with great places, even local people rarely known it. Saigon is not always modern hustle and bustle, it also gives people feel peace inside heart with fresh air and blue sky at a place far away central of Sai Gon.

Literally means “the Floating Temple of Phu Chau”, the temple is located in an outbound district. It is rumored to have been originally a tiny temple for sailors to pray peace and good fortune before sailing off. Hidden story behind the dead woman body found on the river right at the current location intrigued any curious mind.

Street food deserts and cheapest clothing market in town

The final yet the “highlight of these highlights” closes our triip with amazing tasty and cheap deserts from Saigon most creative dessert ladies. Heat and sweat will be sent away with icy, cool and sweet Vietnamese creme bruulee, sweet soup. After this treat, Hanh Thong Tay market will be your heaven if you are a fan of shopping. This market is the cheapest yet the most diversed place to shop for exported clothes in Saigon.