Take CHALLENGE with POTTERY class !!!

Located in the north of Việt Nam, Bát Tràng is a very famous pottery village.  Bát (鉢) means a monk’s bowl, Tràng (場, or Trường) means a big yard – land of specialists. Digging into etymology, Bát Tràng (鉢場) also has another meaning: “Even when you’ve succeeded in life, you should not forget where you come from”.

We invite you to come to a Bát Tràng- style pottery class to learn how to make pottery in the traditional Vietnamese way. You will have fun making pottery while being creative—like you were as a child 😉 Simple things bring you the most fun in life.


Now, it is time to start your CHALLENGE !!!

Starting time: Any time of the day. Just let us know, and we will arrange to pick you up.

Watch this video below. Do you think making pottery the Bát Tràng style is easy? Just wait until you actually get your hands dirty 😉


Having fun is the most important thing :)


After finishing the tour, you have 2 options:

Option 1: Leave your product at the store for two weeks for burning, drying as well as enameling. If you want to send it home then, we can help you.

Option 2: Take your product after painting to home. You can dry your pottery by placing it under the sun or with a hairdryer.

So, what are you waiting for? Take this triip to experience the most AUTHENTIC POTTERY culture!

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