What to do in Ho Chi Minh City at night like Saigonese youth?

Ho Chi Minh City/ Saigon never seems to sleep at night. But do you know where the youth of Saigon usually frequent at night?

 1) Nguyen Hue Walking Street

Recently opened at the beginning of this year, Nguyen Hue walking street has not disappointed Saigonese. It is the most popular at night where everyone hangs out, congregates, sings, dances and skateboards.


 2) 24/7 Coffee chains

At night, Saigon youth often go to open-all-night coffee shops to work and chat with friends at the 24/7 Coffee chains. Joining the trends, even foreign brands such as Coffee Bean has recently announced that they would serve coffee all nights.




 3) Special movie theaters

Escaping the boring regular movie theaters, Saigon youth takes to mini cinemas, Sweetbox cinemas (Sweetbox means a sofa that can be shared between a couple), or rooftop cinemas.


 4) Backpackers’ street at Bui Vien

Bui Vien is where backpackers congregate for a night out with cheap beer and food. However, some Vietnamese love this place too!

 5) Ice cream

With a variety of ice cream available here such as Thai, Japan, Singapore and Korean style, coconut ice cream currently captivates the youth of Saigon.


 Recommendation: Bui Vien’s Xoi Dua ice cream; Cuu Long, Matcha Ice cream MOF, Fish ice cream at Lu’s, Ca-lem etc.

 6) Convenient stores

Cheap food, air conditioned, ubiquitous, staffs with nice attitude, 24/7 opening time


 7) Lively acoustic bars

Beer, cocktail, live music, and concert-like environment. Who can resist?


Suggested bars:  RFC, Fang pub, Acoustic Bar, Saigon Ranger…



(Source: kenh14.vn)


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